......There is more to do at home
Learning doesnt start and stop just at School.  Here are some fun activities that will help you child learn in a realxed and fun environment.....home!

If you want to be more creative - click here   for more ideas.
  Activities to do with your child

  • Gardening - grow some flowers or vegetables together
  • Imaginary play - pretend together
  • Sensory play - hide objects in sand/breadcrumbs.  Talk about the item's colour, texture......
  • Counting - counting can be fun - "how many red cards can you find...."  - Match the number word to the objects.
  • Reading - talk to your child about the book, it doesnt just have to be about reading the story, spend time looking at the pages together.

Out and about – keeping fit!

•Go for a walk
•Take a picnic to your local park – take a football
•Find some woods and make a den!
•Take a look at our places to visit page
What the parents say:

  • 'My son has always been so well looked after by the staff. I have never had to question his happiness.’

  • ‘The staff are caring, positive and professional. Everybody has different personalities which gives the children a real balance.’

  • ‘In her 18 months here my daughter has experienced so many different activities. She has enjoyed every day.’

  • ‘He loves his time at preschool and has thrived in the cottage style environment.

  • ‘We are very pleased that there is a focus on reading. It is always nice to read a book at night that she had chosen herself.’

  • ‘The smaller rooms made it an ideal place for my child with additional needs.’